G. Theo van Beusekom (Ir)
A brief milestones leading to his arrival and involvement in the founding of the FTJE

Theo received his Ingenieur (or Masters degree) in Technical Physics (Technische Natuurkunde) from the Delft University of Technology in April 1966.

  • Sponsorship from the Mission of Reformed Churches in the Netherlands (Zending van de Gereformeerde Kerken in Nederland)

Due to his interest in working in the developing countries (including Indonesia), one of his Professors at Delft, Prof. Dr. Ir. J. Smidt suggested that he work at Satya Wacana, who then wrote to pak Notohamidjojo himself.

The positive reply that pak Noto gave started the process for Theo to prepare for this mission by undertaking the various studies in Bahasa Indonesia, in history and culture studies leading to the Diploma A of Missionary Teacher with the Reformed Churches in the Netherlands.

The Mission policy was a term of 4 years after this initial introductory and preparation period of one year.

  • Arrival in Indonesia

Theo arrived in Indonesia on 11th November 1968, and in December of that year, travelled by train to Yogyakarta, where he was met by pak Subanu (Acting Rector of UKSW at the time), and Fred van Emmerik.

  • Academic teaching responsibilities

In January 1969 Theo started teaching in the FIPIA Faculty, with additional responsibilities in teaching Electronics in the new FTJE Faculty.

  • Other early academics

Also involved in the teaching of Electronics at the time was a part time lecturer from Gajah Mada University, pak Adhi Susanto (now Prof. Dr. Adhi Susanto, MSc PhD)