The success of FTJE
The popularity and success of the founding of Fakultas Teknik Jurusan Elektro was conveyed by pak S.Subanu M.A. (then Acting Rector, Satya Wacana Christian University) in his letter to the Australian Presbyterian Board of Missions (APBM) in December 1969 - letter excerpts as follows

(letter dated 15th December 1969)



Australian Presbyterian Board of Mission

P.O. Box 100 GPO

Sydney NSW 2001



Dear Sirs,


Since many years you have been helping us by sending and sustaining the van Emmerik for our University. He was also the man who proposed to the Satya Watjana Board of Trustees to open a Department of Electrical Engineering which has now been opened for two years.

The Department has aroused the interest of society so much, more than the Physics department, that we could only take one fourth of the candidates for this department each year.

But, with the growth of the classes (in 1970 we will have three classes) we are much troubled by a great shortage for electrical engineers who are willing to work as teachers. They like to work in private business where they can earn as much more money.

Up to now Mr van Emmerik is the only full time lecturer. Next year (1970) will be his last year of service.


We have an English Department which is also struggling for teachers. It has about one hundred students and has been given the highest recognition by the Indonesian Government, that is the authority to confer Bachelor and Master degrees without any supervision of the State Universities.




(pak Subanu then made the case of requesting one full time Electrical Engineering staff and one full time English Dept. staff)