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The Early Years  
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Historical items
Announcement in a 1975 issue of 'Elektrika' (student magazine) of the graduation of the first Electrical Engineering Sarjana (S1)            
(together with Handoko Kristianto (25/TE) the author was the founding editor of this student magazine

Study tour to the local Hydroelectric station

The 4 people standing up at the back (left to right) Arief Noegroho, Kadarmanto, Hardjono and Hentji Latunusa

postscript: Dr. Kadarmanto Hardjowasito is now Professor of Theology at the Jakarta Theological Seminary



Photograph of Satya Wacana Christian University circa 1973 (photo taken by Dr. Tony Nicholls, Fakultas Teologia, sent to the author)

postscript: Dr. Tony Nicholls is now Dean of Students, Trinity Theological College, Western Australia