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The early years (continued)  
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F.L.van Emmerik's leadership

While the presence of FIPIA (founded in 1962) helped the fledgling Faculty by providing some lecturers to teach the basic sciences (Basic Physics, Mathematics I) – for example, Drs. P. M. Marpaung, Soemargo B.Sc, amongst others, the core electrical engineering subjects ultimately required part time lecturers and guest lecturers from other Institutions

It was through the tireless efforts of Rev. Fred van Emmerik, M.Eng.Sc (as the founding ‘Pembantu Dekan’ or Acting Dean of the Faculty) in recruiting these lecturers (amongst others: Rev. Ir. Timotius Subekti, plus guest lecturers from the nearby Gajah Mada University, Harry Johannes B.Sc, Samuel Mandagi B.Sc) that enables the first generation students to follow a study path for Electrical Engineering (Elektro) at the University


Some notable lecturers - Prof. Ir. F. Soesianto BScE PhD
Pak Soes was one of the lecturers recruited for part time teaching in the new faculty from Fakultas Teknik Elektro Universitas Gajah Mada in Yogyakarta
He delivered the course “Transmission lines” to the first generation students, and made the lectures alive with his humour and teaching techniques.

(Both pak Soes and pak Adhi (responsible for Electronics in those early years) are holding Professorships in Electrical Engineering at Gajah Mada University currently)