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The early years (continued)  
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Ir. G. Theo van Beusekom
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The arrival of Ir. G. Th. van Beusekom (or 'pak Theo' as the students fondly call him) from the Netherlands heralded a new step in the direction of the course.

pak Theo was responsible for the new subjects and laboratory exercises in Electronics, so crucial in its role for the completeness of the new Electrical Engineering degree course.



During a meeting in 1970 with pak Notohamidjojo and representatives of the Interchurch Coordination Committee for Development Projects - ICCDP (Interkerkelijke Coordinatie Commissie voor Ontwikkelingsprojecten) Theo made the case for the urgency of a laboratory project.

As a result, Theo was heading the Committee responsible for the building of the new laboratories, with funds channeled via ICCDP (or ICCO, in Dutch). The extensive preparatory submission to this organization was completed in September 16, 1971, and the value of the project was roughly 2 Million Dutch guilders. Officially, Theo was now working as a representative of the Dutch government for another 4 years.

Funds for this project was sourced from the government of Netherlands (75%), the government of Germany (17%) with the United Board for Christian Higher Education in Asia (New York) contributing the remainder (8%) *
The building of this laboratory was indeed a milestone in the continuing development of the Fakultas Teknik Jurusan Elektro, and made the Faculty a leading Faculty of Electrical Engineering in Indonesia.

The project was considered one of the fundamental projects in this organisation’s work in the 1970’s. See link to ICCO’s page:


Theo continued to provide his considerable electronics expertise in supervising the ‘Sarjana’ stage thesis of the students going through the new curriculum. Amongst others, he supervised Kusmantoro, Stefanus Liem Hoo Shen, Matias Budhianto and Herman Kanalebe


*Source: Elektrika (FTJE magazine – vol 1, 1973)
The only State Examination conducted for the initial student intake was held in February 1972, under the auspices of Gajah Mada University (Prof. Ir. F. Soesianto, BScE, Ph.D as the Examination Secretary on behalf of UGM)

The less than satisfactory results during the examination forced the Faculty to re-examine its curriculum, resulting in the new strengthened offering in 1974*

The establishment of the new Laboratory described above was crucial for the effectiveness of this new curriculum.

This eventually resulted in a new 4 year degree course leading to the Engineer (Ir) degree, instead of the usual 5 years offered by State Universities at the time.

The first 'Sarjana' degree graduate was Hendrawanto, who was awarded the degree in November 1975.

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Tempo interaktif

* Interview with Rev. F.L.van Emmerik by George Junus Aditjondro, for ‘Tempo’ magazine (May 1973) ‘Melicinkan jalan 4 tahun’